Coherence in a Chaotic World

Harmony in the workplace.

We’re surrounded by sound all the time. Every moment in the day we are bombarded with invisible waves of acoustic energy that influence how we feel and how we function. From our heart and respiratory rates to the subtle rhythms within our nervous system, our internal cycles are profoundly affected by the vibrations of our surroundings. When our bodies and minds are constantly on overload, we lose our ability to engage our creative capacities. We are surviving from moment to moment, unable to tap into our deeper inner wisdom to come up with the next bright ideas and tomorrow’s solutions.

To protect ourselves from overstimulation, we shut down and shut out our colleagues and coworkers. We desire connection but habitually seek information by consuming it one-sidedly on a screen. We become unpracticed at the art of listening; desensitized to the subtleties of organic acoustic communication. We fall into making snap judgements, misunderstandings, and retreat all the more by taking things personally. Our ability to work as a cohesive team is negatively impacted.

When sound waves are chaotic, they bounce against one another and begin to cancel each other out. This is truly what we mean when we refer to being “out of phase.” Yet when these same waves of acoustic energy start to sync up, their collective voices intensify exponentially. This is the power of coherency.

What happens when we decide to make specific choices about our vibrational environment, and from within the noise learn how to find our balance, share our truth, and deeply listen to one another beyond the words, to tune into the essence of what we want to communicate?

Sounding Wellness offers creative companies the opportunity to consciously choose what they receive, hear, and communicate. We’re a team of professional sound and music therapists committed to assisting you and your organization to come into a state of balance, share meaningful conversations, find your authentic voices, and build your creative capacities through proven sound-assisted technologies and techniques.

Sounding Wellness is a new workplace-oriented branch of The Sounding Group, founded by sound therapy expert Joule L’Adara. From one-on-one vocal coaching, to lunch-and-learns, to group sound meditations, to team-building vocal workshops, to large-scale therapeutic sound installations, to the development of a vast online learning platform, Sounding Wellness offers diverse and innovative sound solutions to your company’s wellness needs.

We’re so glad you’re here and that you’re curious. We’re curious about you too and excited to share tools that will deeply enhance your company’s culture, connection, and well being. As this site evolves in the days ahead, more information about specific services, team biographies, photos, video, and testimonials will be available here soon.

Please fill out our inquiry form below to receive more information and a member of our team will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Thanks so much for your interest. We look forward to helping you create a more harmonious workspace so that you can create your greatest work.

Joule L’Adara

Benefits of Regular Sound Therapy

Increased energy
Increased stamina
Reduced stress
Reduced pain
Emotional support
Improved balance
Improved sleep quality
Aids digestion
Lowers blood pressure
Increased creativity
Improved mental clarity


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